Why not live?

I get out of bed and I think:"

Another day like yesterday, what am I doing for myself?"

Too often we spend our life or part of it living someone else’s dreams, working and sacrificing ourselves for something that is not ours, something that will lead us to live forever in that distressing situation.

Is this what we deserve? Living a passive life simply because we are afraid to take risks?

You don’t need to do who knows what, but taking care of your physical well-being is one of the key pieces to doing great things in life, great things for you and the people you love!

Worrying about your own weight, your own health is one of the greatest gestures of love that you can do for yourself, get up in the morning and think about how to be better today than yesterday it will open your mind, it will make you aware of how much there is to love in you and that the first to do so must be you!

Along your way you will find snakes and vultures, but always remember what you are doing it for and especially for whom. Get up every day ready to risk, ready to put yourself in the game, get off that conscious bed of your current life and set the goals to change what you don't like, because you can do it too!

Set the goal of wasting ten minutes less on social media to devote them to training, set the goal of quitting smoking if you want to know your grandchildren, find a way to achieve what you want so much, because if you can imagine it you can achieve it!

Day after day, training after training, sacrifice after sacrifice, will surely get the results you want, and it will not happen by chance or by luck, of course not!

You must have earned it, because you worked hard to get it!

By taking care of your health you will be able to think much more lucid and smart, you will greatly lower your levels of frustration and stress, you will increase your ability to concentrate and you will be able to live better with yourself! 

Against the fleeting nature of life, against diseases and accidents, against every single obstacle Armor Your Health!

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