All of Us!

Too often we feel condemned to live a certain reality.

We adapt to all those uncomfortable situations, we convince ourselveswe convince ourselves that living the usual life every single day is the life we are destined to live, but we can all bebut we can all be what we dream of being.

We can all become footballers, actors, cooks, garbage men.
We all have a chance to build our own destiny, we all have a different starting point, and we’ll all have a different finish line from our beginning, if we want to!

We all dream of living in wonderful places, of driving luxury cars,of course, it’s great!

But we can go anywhere, do anything, but only in one thing do we have the destiny already written for us:

Our Body will always follow us, and it is right to take care of it!

Do you know a machine that continues to function well without maintenance?
Honestly, no, it’s impossible.
If you have the physique you feel you deserve, how much better would you live your life goals?

Let’s face it, everything would be better, more like what we deserve.
The most beautiful thing is that we can all do it. No one excluded. No one!

What would you look like a year from now if you worked out an hour a day?

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Randy Martin

Such true words….thanks for the motivation

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